1.jpg (103019 bytes)  2.jpg (99994 bytes)  preparing for the toast, marines continue to serve1.jpg (134802 bytes) delivering the first piece of cake to the oldest marine present1.jpg (120000 bytes)  toast to the service men and women at the veteran's home 10-nov-20091.jpg (209870 bytes)  standing guard with the veterans1.jpg (198366 bytes)

cutting the cake3.jpg (134229 bytes)  first piece of cake for the oldest marine present1.jpg (97098 bytes) how to get the leather neck off1.jpg (96185 bytes)  larry with a knife1.jpg (66542 bytes)  leonard having fun cutting the cake1.jpg (108095 bytes)  ok who is taking the head off1.jpg (74790 bytes)

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100_2225.jpg (122667 bytes) 100_2226.jpg (189154 bytes) off with the leather neck1.jpg (131097 bytes) so that is how it's made1.jpg (141849 bytes) you sure you know what you are doing1.jpg (258741 bytes) no no don't take my head off1.jpg (99828 bytes)

what a devil dog1.jpg (195142 bytes) jimmie winder with fellow marines1.jpg (87077 bytes)  toast to chesty & the marine corps1.jpg (144125 bytes)  group picture1.jpg (95727 bytes)  marine corps league serves marines at veterans home, 10-november- 20091.jpg (249884 bytes)